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May 20, 2016

Organizing your storage unit.

Picking out a storage unit can be tough, especially when you aren’t sure about how much you will be storing there. Depending on your needs, you should organize your storage units in different ways. Whether you are moving, or using it for long-term or even seasonal storage, having a storage unit can be a boon.

Here are some tips to help you organize your storage unit.

1. Seasonal storage

A fairly common use for storage units, is to store long-term, seasonal items that only make an appearance for a limited time every year. These can be items such as christmas lights/decorations, winter/summer clothes, or outdoor equipment (such as a snow plow).

Keep seasonally used items together and organized according to use to allow for easy access, ensure that the unit is large enough to allow you to move inside freely without having to pull everything out.

If at all possible, rotate items periodically, so that the next items that you will most likely use are up front, ready for transport upon opening the storage unit.

2. Those items you never use, but can’t be rid of.

Storage units can be a great way to store your precious collections. Consider buying plastic storage bins and organizing each collection.

Can’t keep your collection of animal hides and trophies in the house? Put it in a storage unit on a rack or in boxes to prevent them from simply lying on the ground.

Can’t fit your star-wars collection in your new home? Consider placing the items in plastic bins of the same size for easy moving until you can properly showcase them (be sure to label the bins properly)

Can’t get rid of all of your extra dresses/wedding/prom/etc? Consider getting a freestanding hanger and hang them in a storage unit. Regardless of what it is, when you need it, you will have it available. The key is to store each set of items in such a way that visiting a storage unit is much like pulling an item from the closet. Make each trip simple and quick by organizing your storage unit for use, not just throwing everything inside.

3. Moving to a smaller home?

Consider renting a long-term storage unit. A good way to organize everything is by placing all of the heavy furniture/items on one side, easily reachable so that they can be loaded onto a truck first. A good rule of thumb is to place all the items that you don’t really need (short term) in a storage unit. Move it back into a larger home, or sell it, as you have an opportunity to do so. We recommend picking a wall, either left or right, and working your way from one end of the unit to the other, heaviest to lightest.

A storage unit can be convenient for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the occasion, if you’re looking for a storage unit in St. George, Monarch Storage is here for you.

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