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Apr 08, 2016

20 Reasons You Need a Storage Unit

1. To declutter your house and get your spare room back.
2. Have a safe and secure place to store your stuff.
3. Winter is coming and you need to put your things somewhere to keep it dry.
4. You are retiring and have too much to keep in your home.
5. Somewhere to store your things during a divorce.
6. You have a business and need somewhere to store your product and documents.
7. Kids are moving back in and you need to move things out of the bedrooms.
8. Moving from one house to another and need short-term storage.
9. You just need more space in your home.
10. You have a hobby or have memorabilia that takes up a lot of space.
11. Store seasonal items that clutter your garage.
12. Storing will force you to throw things away that you haven’t seen in 5 years.
13. Painting or remodeling your home and need to move your stuff.
14. Going to college and can’t fit everything in your small dorm room.
15. Relative died and has a lot of items that need to be stored.
16. You like to travel and need to store your things while you’re out of town.
17. Store that boat, RV, or car that you are working on.
18. Even though you haven’t worked out in years, you want to keep the treadmill and weights.
19. Your wife wants all of your gear and man-cave items out of the house.
20. You are in the army and get called to active duty.

There are hundreds of reasons why you would need to have a storage unit but only one place to go: Monarch Storage units in St. George, Utah. We offer competitive, affordable prices that fit any budget. Our storage facilities are secure, with an on-site manager, cameras, great lighting and power in all the units. The area is fenced, paved and easily accessed by truck or van. You have 24-hour access to all your belongings and month to month contracts with no document fees. Come in today and get a month free when you store for 3 months!

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