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Nov 01, 2017

3 Storage Tips For College Students


3 Storage Tips For College Students

College will teach you many lessons. Life, love, heartbreak. But the first lesson I learned my freshman year was this: dorm rooms are SMALL! My first semester I roomed with 5 other young women. We quickly learned how valuable space was. You have to stay organized in order for everyone to have their own space. It actually helped us gain space. Here are a few tips we used to keep us sane!


  • Under the bed storage!


Seriously, have you ever thought how much space is actually under your bed that you can use up? No? Me either until I moved into college housing. It will seriously change lives!


  • Use that wall space!


Hang everything!  Put up racks, hooks, shelves, and buy some over-the-door storage racks. Shelving can add so much to a small space. It adds decor but also storage. It’s a win win situation people!

You probably will have a few items that just don’t fit in your living space, but you still want to hang onto them. Rent a small unit close to campus. When you need those items you are able to get them out and replace them with something you are not using at the moment. Easy-Peasy!


Well, if you are going to be living in dorms this semester I wish you the best of luck. Use these tips and dorm life will be easy! If you are a Student in the St. George Utah area. Call Monarch Storage. The storage units that are offered there are all top quality and have a wide variety of sizes so you can be sure to find the storage unit that will fit your needs. Their Facility is under 24/7 surveillance. You can trust in them that your belongings will be safe. Call them today to rent a storage unit!

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