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Mar 01, 2018

5 Weirdest Uses of Storage Units

Storage units have many possibilities for different uses that some people have utilized in unusual ways. Most of the strange ways that people have used storage units are illegal, but they are still intriguing to see how creative people have gotten.

Living Quarters

You have most likely seen this in movies or even maybe heard of someone trying to do it themselves. But in the past people have lived out of the storage units they rent. This is, of course, illegal but some have gotten away with it for months before getting caught. In one instant, the only reason the owner found the person living in the unit was that amount of electricity that his unit was draining from the other units.


Some people prefer the privacy of a personal gym but don’t have the money to put one in their own house. This is how someone came up with the idea of having a personal gym in a storage unit. WIth the ventilation in most storage units, I’m sure by the end of the workout it was more of a sauna than a storage unit.



Practice Space

In a few cases, storage units have been reported to be used for band rehearsals. A couple of newly started bands did not have a place that they could practice without the complaints of neighbors and so they rented a storage unit, so they wouldn’t disturb anyone. Their plan did not work out so well when the complaints flooded in from other renters at the place.


Short on cash in your business but still need an office? That’s what these people were thinking when they came up with the idea to have their office out of a storage unit. If you have a storage unit with electricity it may be plausible, but most of the time the conditions in the unit are not ideal.


This use is worst yet, and the most illegal so far. In Michigan, a storage unit owner was reported to have locked his girlfriend in is storage unit for three days! And the reason that he did it was to keep her from seeing one of her old boyfriends.  


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