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May 01, 2017

A Bigger Apartment or a Storage Unit?

Are you starting to run out of room in your apartment or house?


Is upgrading to a bigger place on your mind?


Have you ever considered renting a storage unit instead?


You start to notice that every nook and cranny in your apartment or house has become a storage space and the first thought that crosses your mind is “we need a bigger place.” Most of the time-space shortage is not a shortage of living space, but a shortage of storage space. For that reason, a storage unit can be a much better option.


One of the most enticing aspects of storage units is that they are more economical. Rent for a square footage of storage space is actually cheaper than rent for a square footage of an apartment or house. This shows that by renting a storage unit you will actually save money each month.


Another perk is that you do not have to move! Moving just for the sake of moving is never fun. You have to wait until your lease ends, then find a new place that you like just as much as your current one. Then you have to deal with packing everything, loading it into a truck, just to haul it across town and unpack it. Already you have spent money in the moving process that could have been saved. Then after that, you have to switch over all utilities, which can also be another charge! You may even have to switch your kids’ school which they most likely will not be happy about.


By renting a storage unit, you save all of that time it would take to move. You also save all of the money it costs to move, and that’s not even considering that the actual cost of renting a storage unit is cheaper. In a study shown on, they compared costs of storage units and apartments in seven major cities. They found that you would save over $1,000 a year if you rented a storage unit instead of a bigger apartment or house.


Overall, renting a storage unit is less expensive, and less stressful than upgrading your apartment size. Monarch Storage has many options for what storage unit will work best for you. Give us a call or email and we would be happy to discuss and let your view the best storage unit for you and your family!

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