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Apr 17, 2017

Fears Resolved About a Storage Unit


For people who watch A&E’s Storage Wars, storage unit auctions are entertaining, thrilling, and oddly captivating. But as those shows get popular, people hesitate to get a storage unit out of fear of losing their belongings in an auction. We at Monarch Storage in Utah want to put your fears to rest. Here are some things to know and do with storage units to keep you relaxed and satisfied.


Things to Do:


Always keep a careful inventory of what goes into your storage unit

If you want to make sure you keep track of your belongings, always keep a very detailed inventory of what belongings you have in your storage unit. You don’t want to forget you have something important kept there and then decide it’s just full of trash and toss it out. This also ensures that you don’t accidentally give up your belongings in an auction. Along with this, keep your storage unit organized. This makes it easier to keep track of all your items.

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Is it worth keeping?

When putting things in your storage unit, make sure it belongs there. Ask yourself, is this worth keeping? Is it garbage? Is it valuable but unnecessary? If it’s something you’ll use later, store it. If it’s garbage, toss it. If it’s valuable but you don’t need or want it, sell it. Sites like EBay and Craigslist are perfect for selling old but valuable items for a profit. Earn money on your unnecessary possessions rather than leaving them until someone else sells them in an auction. Also, don’t just move clutter from your house to your storage unit. Only keep things you’ll want in the future, and regularly de-clutter your storage unit so you don’t build up unwanted items.

Keep up on your rent

This is by far the most important thing to do. Don’t want to lose your items? Then don’t get in debt! Make sure to keep up on your rent so that you aren’t in danger of losing your unit. If you make sure to stay up-to-date on payments, your stuff will be kept safe for you. If you are unable to pay the rent due to job loss or other circumstances, be sure to keep in touch with the billing department. Here at Monarch Storage we want to do everything we can to help you keep your belongings and it is much easier to work with someone if they stay in contact.

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Things to Know:


Storage units have to notify you before auctioning your unit 

Oftentimes this is not just once, but several times, by mail and phone. They will also often post a sign on your storage unit warning you of missed payments. Storage unit owners are not trying to bully you or rip you off. They want your belongings protected, but you also must hold up your end of the agreement. However, even if it somehow falls through the cracks, they will do everything they can to reach you before auctioning off your storage unit. Make sure you keep contact information up to date so they can. Again, staying in contact will greatly help us at Monarch Storage work with you and your particular situation. Talk to our billing department and be sure to answer any calls from them.

Worse case scenario, the money comes back to you

Don’t be concerned that storage unit facilities are trying to trick you into giving up your belongings for them to sell. In the event that your storage unit is finally auctioned off, storage unit facilities are often required to only take as much of the profits as will cover the missing payments and cost of the auction. If the money exceeds those costs, the profit is sent to you. Again, your best choice is to keep up on rent. However, if things do end in auction, the only one making money off of the auction will be you.

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Achieve your needed space without the worries At Monarch Storage in St. George. Your belongings are well protected.

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