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Aug 01, 2018

How to Store Antiques

Most of us have at least a few antiques that we have stored for safekeeping, and a lot of us even have them out for display. Yet antiques tend to be fragile, especially considering most of their value comes from their age. It can be a little nerve racking to have them out for display due to the normal wear and tear that comes with that. A storage unit is often the preferred way to store antiques for those very reasons. But storing them correctly will make or break preserving the value of the antiques. So knowing the best way to store your antique items can ensure that you preserve their precious value and memory. The most common antiques stored are furniture and art, so if you are storing either of these make sure you know the best ways to store them.



Antique furniture needs to be stored in a storage unit that is climate controlled. If the furniture is exposed to extreme heat or cold it can cause it to crack or fade. If there is an option to have a dehumidifier in the unit, that is the best way to store them. This prevents the wood furniture from drying out. If there is not a dehumidifier you will most likely want to treat the furniture every couple of months to preserve it. It is also suggested to treat the wood before storing it, to prevent it from cracking. You want to move the furniture the least amount possible and so a ground level unit is your best option to prevent damage. Insurance and security for the storage unit is also a must. Most antiques are irreplaceable and need to have that extra protection and coverage.

You never want to stack antique furniture. If you have lighter things to put on top than you can do that using your own discretion. When in doubt, don’t stack it’s not worth the potential damage to your antiques. You also want to ensure that the furniture does not get scratched by other things in the storage unit. Furniture should be wrapped in packing paper and the legs should be wrapped in bubble wrap. If you are packing lamps, separate the shades from the lamp and always remove the lightbulbs.



Art is one of the harder antiques to store because of how delicate it often is. Art also needs to be in a storage unit that is climate controlled. This is a must! Or you will risk ruining the art forever. All of the art should be covered when stored. Use packing paper and wrap to cover the painting, and then use foam or bubble wrap on the edges to prevent any scratches or dings. Always label art with Fragile so it is not mistaken for something else and moved where it shouldn’t be. If art is being rested against other art, or stacked there should always be a foam or soft layer between each piece. Security and insurance are very important. Some insurances only insure up to a certain amount and so you might want to consider getting your own separate insurance, depending on the value of the art.

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  1. SPS Storage on 29 Aug 2018 at 3:10 am

    Investing in storage units is practical and smart. Storing your things properly and in its appropriate storage units is important. Thank you for sharing this blog!