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Jan 01, 2018

Is Storage Insurance For Me?

Most people have insurance for their homes, cars, and anything else that has a liability attached to it. If you are trying to protect your belongings than why would you not want storage insurance as well? Storage insurance is one of those things that you do not think to get and so you don’t end up getting it. But, it is actually one of the most important insurances to get for many people.


When deciding if you want to get storage insurance the first thing that you want to do is to look over your agreement with the storage company and see what you are liable for if something is missing or broken from your unit. Most storage units do not come with insurance or warranty through the storage facility but you want to make sure you know. If it does come with it, then you most likely can get away without having to add to the insurance. But if there is no protection from your storage unit then you will want to start looking into protection yourself.


It is important to have insurance on your storage unit because unlike your house or even car, you are not always around your storage unit. More often than not, you probably only go to your unit when you need to get something out of it. Because you are not always there, you aren’t able to keep an eye on your belongings. Most facilities do have security cameras but the cameras do not always catch the person stealing your items but only that someone did steal your items. This is not beneficial to you because you have no way of being compensated for your lost items.

That is why insurance can be very beneficial. You can have the peace of mind that if anything does happen to any of your things, you will be covered and the insurance company will be able to reimburse you. It is also nice because sometimes things happen to your items in your storage unit and they get damaged. If you have insurance then they can help restore the items that are damaged or broken.

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