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Jun 12, 2015

Moving Tips – Free Boxes

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If you’re not prepared, moving can be really expensive. Everywhere you turn there’s a hidden fee and many times you’re left counting your pennies. The number one thing on your checklist should be getting the material to pack all your stuff: tape, markers and of course, boxes.

Finding good boxes can be a pain, so we’ve gathered up a list of the best places to get great boxes for free.

#1 – Grocery Stores
Yes, this method is super popular, yet not many people take advantage of it. All you have to do is call a local grocery store and ask if they have any boxes that they plan to toss.

#2 – Bookstores
Bookstore boxes are the best. They’re big, sturdy and are perfect for fragile items. You can either find out what day the store gets shipments and get there early to take some or call ahead so they don’t throw them out.

#3 – Starbucks
I bet you didn’t think you could get free stuff at Starbucks.. but you can! The best thing about boxes from Starbucks is that they have a range of sizes, so you can use them for pretty much anything. The downside, they are usually already broken down so be prepared to tape them up again.

#4 – Moving Companies
If you are using a moving company, there’s a chance they might have some extra boxes from a recent move. It never hurts to ask.

#5 – Schools
Just make sure the school has a cafeteria. You can ask if there are any leftover boxes from frozen foods, why? Fresh food boxes attract bugs, nobody wants that.

These five spots should cover all your storage and moving box needs.

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