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Jul 01, 2015

Moving Tips – Organization

Lets be honest, even the most organized people have a hard time moving. Monarch Storage is all about helping you fulfill your organization, moving and storing needs.

The basic box labeling strategy consists of a sharpie and really good memory. In some cases, this strategy will suffice (for a college student for example), however, most families pack for at least two rooms, a kitchen and a restroom. In these cases, this strategy will save you time and money if done correctly.

Now that you have your free boxes, you need to pack and label them. You will only need paper, markers and colored dot stickers. The steps are the following:

#1 – List Rooms
Make a list of all the rooms of your NEW place, including bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, basement, etc. Then assign a color to each room. You can print or write the list yourself, just remember to place the assigned colored dot next to the room name. This will be your moving/storage color key chart.

#2 – Label boxes
Grab your free boxes and pack away! Pack what you would like to go in each room of the new place. For example, if there’s stuff in the living room you wish to have in the new master bedroom, pack it in the master bedroom box. Add 5 stickers to each box you use, one for each upper corner (right or left, just stick to one side for ALL the boxes) and one for the top of the box, this will allow you to see where the box belongs, no matter which side it’s facing. You can still write what’s inside the box, like: toys, books, decorations and so on.
*extra tip: you can also make a more specific list of what is inside the box on a separate notebook – ie “Kitchen Box #1” – plates, cups and silverware.

#3 – Make signs
This might be the easiest step of the whole process. When you get to your new place or storage unit, place a sign with the name of the room and the assigned colored dot in the respective room. If you are leaving stuff at the storage unit you can hang the signs on different areas of the room to have the group of boxes together.

The best thing about this system is that if you’re getting help from family members, movers or even children, this system will make it easy for them to know which box belongs where.

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