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Mar 01, 2019

Spring Cleaning

After the bitterly cold winter (can you believe that we go snow?) we are finally starting to shake the winter blues. Maybe the warm weather inspires you to go hiking in Snow Canyon or go for a bike ride along the river walk trail. But one thing that some people either begrudgingly do or look forward to doing every year is spring cleaning. There are a lot of benefits why it is a great idea of getting into the habit of deep cleaning your house periodically; It can reduce stress, clear the air quality in your house and get rid of harmful bacteria. But decluttering your home and your storage unit can be difficult and overwhelming, so here are some tips to help you with this big project.

Spray and Soak
There are a lot of areas in the home that need more than a dusting. Hard water stains, dirt, and mold pile up slowly in little corners without us noticing, so it can be beneficial to spray things and let them soak for a while in order to loosen all the grime off of it. Ten to fifteen minutes should be enough, and it should be easier to scrub off the build up. This technique can be used in a variety of places around the house, but it is wise to do a little research before using chemicals on certain materials. Don’t use bleach on stainless steel because, well, it will stain. Also, don’t ever mix bleach and vinegar because it makes toxic chlorine gas. Bleach is a very effective cleaner, but it is very harsh and not good to breathe in for long periods of time, so there are many other cleaners that are a healthier alternative that will work better for the projects that you are doing.

Air It Out
Now that it is warm outside, it is time to open up some windows to let the fresh air in! This is especially true for a storage unit because they do not have constant ventilation, it is important to periodically open up the garage door and check to make sure certain items are not getting damaged in storage. Opening up the windows may seem like you are letting the dust and allergens into the room, but it actually clears them out. Plus, having a nice breeze blow through the house is invigorating and can make you feel better about all the cleaning that you are having to do.

We talk about organizing and decluttering a lot on this blog, but there is no better time to go through your stuff then when you are cleaning your house. Moving all of your winter clothes and items into storage and rotating them out with your summer supplies will allow you to see all of the things that you have been saving up, and you can decide what to with them next. Decluttering can open up space in your home and storage unit. You can donate things to thrift shops around town to help the community, and decluttering will reduce stress in your life in many different ways. This spring let’s focus on new beginnings by taking the time to clean out areas that we have been putting off for a while. It doesn’t have to be finished all at once, but making an effort to clean will make you feel good and help you be prepared for the rest of 2019.

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