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May 01, 2018

Storage in Utah

There are a lot of storage units in St. George, Utah. And all of these storage units probably look the same. That doesn’t mean all storage units are the same. We could go into an endless and boring debate about that. I’m sure you don’t really care what kind of temperature control we use as long we have it. Though we assure you that we use only the best. Instead of talking about that we would like to address something more amusing. Here are some creative ways storage units have been and can be used.

World’s most intense fort – Make your storage unit into a fort. People have used their storage units as emergency forts. In case something terrible happens you have a storage unit full of canned food and survival tools. I’m sure your kids would enjoy a cool blanket fort inside a metal storage unit. Talk about double security. Just don’t do anything weird on us. There is a contract to remember.

Stinky Storage – Are you tired of having smelly sport equipment in your garage? Move it to your storage unit. We keep those things pretty tightly locked so the smells won’t get into other people’s storage. And you won’t have to deal with it when you pull out your car.

Seasonal Storage – Use your unit to keep your winter gear out of mind in the summer. Clear the clutter in the attic and make room for more seasonal fun.

However you use your storage unit, remember that it is secure. We will take care of your room and make sure that it is safe and sound. You can leave your things with us.

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