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Jun 16, 2016

Storage Units St George Utah: Storing Extra Vehicles and Classic Cars Made Easy.

So, you’ve recently bought that car, truck, or other motor vehicle of your dreams. Not the day-to-day vehicle used to get to work, but a genuine classic that you intend to drive on weekend getaways. Excited, you hurry home, only to see that you have nowhere safe to put it. Between rambunctious children, crazy neighbors, and a messy garage, there is nowhere safe to store your new toy. Or perhaps you just want somewhere to store it during the off-seasons when you won’t be using it. Regardless of motive, Monarch Storage is here to help provide you with a safer way of storing your vehicle and keeping it pristine. Here are some tips, for those that choose to store their vehicles, to ensure that it is kept in pristine condition when you finally decide to take that baby for a spin.

Here are some tips for extended storage of vehicles.

If you’re storing your car, truck, or motorcycle, ensure that you clean it from top to bottom, interior and exterior. Vacuum thoroughly.
Put on a fresh coat of wax.
If your car has lube fittings, grease the universal joints, steering fittings, and suspension fittings with fresh grease.
Drain and refill your car’s coolant.
Remove the battery and store it in a dry place. To keep it charged, hook it up to a battery tender, also known as a trickle charger. Hook it up to your battery and the wall outlet. This will prevent your battery from losing its charge during long storage.
Another method to keeping the battery from losing it’s charge is simply taking the car out every two weeks and driving it for about 15 minutes. But if this isn’t an option, the battery tender will work just as well. The key point is that an unattended battery will eventually lose it’s charge.
Roll down all windows to improve ventilation.
Bleed the brakes to prevent them from deteriorating.
Don’t use parking brakes when storing the car, it could end up fusing with the rotors. Instead get tire chocks and place them on either side of the tires to prevent the car from moving.
If you own a convertible, ensure that you store the vehicle with the top up to avoid shrinkage.
Buy a car cover, preferably cotton or flannel to prevent dust from accumulating and to protect the paint.
If you will be storing your car for longer than six months, fill the fuel tank. Top it off and use a fuel stabilizer such as Sta-bil this will prevent moisture from accumulating inside the fuel tank.

Follow these instructions when storing your car, truck, or other vehicle, and your car will look new every time you take it out for a spin.

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