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May 16, 2014

Storage Wars: What Is Its Effect?

I would guess that most people with access to cable television have heard of the television show Storage Wars. The reality television show that is set in Southern California now averages 4 million viewers, and even with the news that the show is partially scripted and set up, the show keeps getting more and more popular. As a storage unit company in St. George what has the show done for our business.

Well, we are a storage unit company after all, so here is our opinion on what the show has done for our company.

1. It Shows Customers How Cool Storage Units Are
I think that before the show came out potential consumers didn’t realize how great storage units are. Think about it for a second, you can store anything (well… almost anything) in the storage units! There isn’t a lack of interesting things that people put in our storage units, and the show really highlights that. Some people decide to put pirate treasures in it, others put old furniture, and some put old picasso drawings so, part of that may be on what you use it for, but really the show demonstrates how great storage units actually are.

2. Provides Free Advertising
Even though there are many other storage unit companies that benefit from the show, it’s great having your product advertised with great television to over 4 million people every night! We don’t even have to pay for it!

3. Providing Us With an Entertaining Reality Show
Now, this may be a somewhat biased view, but I am not a fan of the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. However, having seen a few episodes of Storage Wars, I could find myself hooked on the show! Now we just need them to come film some episodes at our storage units in St. George UT!

It’s fun having a reality television show about the product that we are happy to provide. We hope that you choose us now that you have learned from Storage Wars how great having a storage facility is!

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