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Apr 01, 2018

Strangest Things Found in a Storage Unit

The moment of the big reveal on shows like Storage Wars or Auction Hunters is always an exciting, suspenseful moment. We all want to know if they struck out or struck gold! And we want to know what interesting or strange things they will find. The reason there are quite a few shows like this is that according to Mental Floss, there are over 50,000 abandoned storage units in America, each year! 50,000 opportunities to hit the gold pot, or pay big money for someone else’s trash. So to compile all of that suspense and strangeness into one article, here are the strangest things ever reported to be found in a storage unit.


  • James Bond’s Submarine Car: This is perhaps the most well-known gem found in a storage unit. The man who bought the contents of the unit paid less than $100 for it! He then turned around and sold the car to Elon Musk in an auction for $1 million! Pretty good return on investment, eh?

  • A Robber: Mr. Ronald Dennis, an either stupid or very unlucky robber, decided to rob a storage unit. After he broke in and actually found valuable jewels and jewelry inside, he realized that he had accidentally locked himself in the storage unit. He was eventually let out of the storage unit when the security guard found him the next morning and called the police.
  • A Human Leg: Although also a very strange thing to find, it is one of the more commonly known stories of finding bizarre things in storage units. The leg was found in a BBQ grill cooker. The man who bought the leg returned it to the police, and they found it belonged to the man who originally rented the storage unit who had lost his leg. The man who found the leg tried to profit off of it, but the leg was returned to the owner in a TV court trial.

  • A Body: There have been several reports of cremated ashes being kept in a storage unit. This definitely seems a little weird, but you could maybe understand the reasoning if it was temporary. But even weirder, it has been reported that actual dead bodies in caskets have been found in storage units. The reasons for keeping these in there were not determined… but it is definitely strange.

  • Michael Jackson’s Never-Released Songs: One fortune storage unit buyer bought the contents of Michael Jackson’s Father, Joe Jackson’s, storage unit. Inside the unit, there were over 250 songs written by Michael Jackson and recorded with Tina Turner. Apparently, they recorded these songs when he was in between contracts and so the buyer got to profit off of them 100%.
  • A Rocket: In 2011, on the show Auction Hunters, one of the storage units they opened up had a rocket inside. It was apparently put in the storage unit after the department it belonged to in NASA was shut down. They authenticated with NASA, and they confirmed it was one of their rockets.

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