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Oct 01, 2018

The Craziest Stuff Found in Storage Units

When someone defaults on paying rent for a storage unit, the units are auctioned off to the highest bidder. The storage units are unopened before an auction, so the buyers are taking a gamble when they bid, which seems to be part of the fun. Storage units are usually sold around $100, and if the bidder is lucky the storage unit will hold items that will increase their investment. But every once in a while a bidder will strike gold, sometimes literally. Here is a list of some of the most insane or expensive things ever found abandoned in storage units.

Stolen Celebrity Items

Nicolas Cage is one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood, for better or worse. Once he became incredibly wealthy, he started spending faster than he could save. One of his more extravagant purchases was the first edition of Superman action comics. Fun fact- Nicolas Cage was cast as Superman in a movie that was never released called Superman Lives and the pictures from pre-production are… strange. But his house was broken into and his comic book stolen until it turned up in an abandoned storage unit in California 11 years later. By this time Nicolas was in serious debt so he auctioned it off for around $2 million, where it went towards his $12 million in debt.

Another famous name in Hollywood is Guy Fieri, a celebrated foodie, whose bright yellow Lamborghini was stolen from him. It was found in the storage unit of a 17-year-old who was under police investigation. The teenager managed to repel in the showroom and stole the car, but it was eventually returned to Guy Fieri.

Human Remains

Mr. Whisnaut purchased a storage unit which contained a harmless barbeque. When he went to light it, he found an actual human leg wrapped in tinfoil sitting inside. He called the police, who tracked down the original owner of the leg, Mr. Wood. Mr. Wood unsurprisingly wanted his leg back. A legal battle took place and the judge ruled in favor of Mr. Wood, who was reunited with his missing appendage.

In Florida, a woman found out that her great-grandma’s remains were in their family storage unit and had been there for 17 years. Rebecca Fancher learned from her dying mother that she had placed her grandmother’s remains in storage instead of properly burying her because of bad weather and car troubles. Rebecca’s mother, Bobbie Hancock, claimed that she was going to bury her grandmother, Ann Bunch, eventually but never got around to it. Her remains are finally laid to rest, but it must have been quite a shock when the garage door was opened and a casket was ominously stored there.

Amazing Cars

In 1989, a man from Long Island bought a storage unit that contained a beat up car with no wheels and scratched paint. He had no idea what it was until someone saw it on the back of his truck and told him that it was the car used in the 1977 James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me.” This car had been missing for over a decade and was famous because in the movie it would convert into a submarine. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, eventually bought the car for a cool million to add to his collection. Maybe one day we will see Tesla submarine cars in the future.

Cars in storage units seem to be a common theme because in 2011 a man found a perfectly preserved 1966 Shelby Mustang. There were only 1,100 Shelby Mustangs made, and most are owned by collectors. This car is worth close to $2 million, even though it has been sitting in storage for almost 26 years. Not bad return on investment.

While most storage units hold things that probably won’t make the national news, every once in a while there is something found that is truly remarkable. It just makes you wonder what will turn up in the future, and what other unsolved mysteries are hidden behind locked doors.

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