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Jul 01, 2018

The Van Life: Debunking the Myths

    We’ve all daydreamed of quitting our real jobs and dropping everything for the elusive “van life” that we hear about on famous blogs or dreamy instagrams. But are the pictures just making it look better than it actually is? It is really probable to drop everything and live traveling destination to destination without a toilet, shower, or running water? For some, yes, definitely a possibility. For others? Maybe not so much. You have to be the right kind of person and have the correct expectations to know if the van life is really for you.



    The first myth that you hear about the van life is that you always get to stay at jaw-dropping locations. Everyone that lives the van life wishes this were true, but unfortunately it’s not realistic. There are, of course, exquisite views and landscapes that you will experience, but it’s not every night. You might end up in a parking lot one night or an RV park, you never know so you have to be okay with whatever comes your way.

    The next misconception is that the van life is a breeze. The reason that many people resort to the van life is that they want to be free. Free to go where they want, do what they want, and be who they want. Yet freedom always has a price. The van life is the ultimate definition of freedom but it’s also a lot of hard work. You have to be creative and innovative in order to do what used to be simple day to day tasks. It by no means is impossible, but you just have to prepare yourself for the reality of it.

    People often think that those who decide to live the van life decide to do it on a whim one day and leave the next week. Though this probably has happened with a few people, it is pretty uncommon. Even though the van life is significantly cheaper than regular life, it still requires money and you most likely won’t be making any. Most people who live the van life save up for at least a year in order to have the money for gas, food, and equipment. Lack of planning moneywise can ultimately lead to a very short “van life” experience for you.


    Hopefully, the reality of the van life didn’t scare you away from the idea altogether. The van life can be an amazing, freeing experience for many people but just make sure you know what you are getting into before you just hop right in. If you do decide to try out the van life, the best way to store your belongings that don’t fit in the van in a storage unit. It is the most economical option to securely store your things and most don’t have a contract so if the van life doesn’t work like you wanted, you always have a fallback.

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