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Feb 01, 2018

Three Security Items Every Storage Unit Should Have

Many people are hesitant to rent a storage unit because they are worried about the safety of their belongings. If you are not in the storage unit all of the time, how do you protect it? Most storage units are actually a lot safer than you would think, and if you find one with the right security measures than you will have nothing to worry about.


The first thing you want to look for in a storage unit is surveillance cameras. Most storage units will have them as a safety precaution, but you will want to make sure. With have surveillance cameras installed, it can make a storage unit even safer than your own home. Does your house have security cameras? Most don’t, but people still have trust their things are safe in their house, so of course, they will be safe in a storage unit with the right precautions.


What You Can Do

The first thing that you want to do is to invest in a good lock. Often there can be a lock provided for you, but if you want extra security you can buy a better lock that is your own. Most storage units are okay with this as long as your clear it with the manager and give them a copy of the key. According to Metro Self Storage, the best lock to purchase is a Disc Lock. A disc lock is more expensive than a padlock but it is much harder to break. It cannot be picked like a padlock and cannot be cut off by the normal thieving tools. The only way to get the lock off without a key is to grind it off. But grinding a lock is very time consuming and loud, this alone provides supreme protection for your storage unit.

The second thing that you want to do is to keep a list of all of your items in the unit. This is so that you can remember what you have in there in case there is a break-in or in case you don’t remember if you put something in your storage unit. In many situations, something that someone thinks is missing from their storage unit, they never actually had in the storage unit, but just forgot.This can also help you keep everything organized by labeling where each item is placed. Some owners of storage units even let you give them a copy of the list just in case anything does get stolen, there is extra proof.



Many storage unit companies require that the renters have insurance, but not all of them actually verify that you purchase it. Insurance is an essential thing to have if you are using a storage unit. If there is a break-in or a natural disaster than your belongings are covered, giving you peace of mind. Some insurance plans can also include coverage for your things if they are damaged while in the storage unit. This can include mildew, mold, overheating, etc.


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  1. Kenneth Gladman on 16 Apr 2018 at 6:43 pm

    I didn’t know that storage companies often had insurance. That is really interesting to learn and would be great to have. We are going to need to store some valuable and priceless assets. It would be great to know they are covered.