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Jul 15, 2013

Tips for Using Storage Units

When you are moving or needing additional space renting a storage unit is ideal. Many of the units can be found in various sizes and locations to suit your needs. These units are pre-priced by the management of each facility. Once you have decided on the perfect facility to store your valuables you must take the time to properly pack them into the unit. Here are some tips to help you with using a rental storage unit.

1. Use Pallets

If you have valuable heirloom furniture or boxes full of irreplaceable memories you do not want them to become damaged from melting snow or another unit’s spillage. Using pallets will ensure that your items will stay a decent height above the floor and anything that the floor comes in contact with.

2. Bubble Wrap Items

You can use bubble wrap, newspapers, or industrial plastic to wrap your items so that they do not get broken. This eliminates the chances of creepy critters making homes in your valuables or dust gathering on them as well.

3. Weather Resistant Strong Lock

Even if the facility you are using to store your items has security cameras or personnel that monitor the grounds, having a heavy weather resistant lock that has a mini arm on your unit is ideal to prevent break ins and weather rusting the lock.

4. Treat the Unit With Care

Although the valuables inside mean a lot more to the possessor than the unit itself, you can be fined large sums of money if there is any damage to the unit by moving items in or out including scratches, rips, paint damage, and other markings.

5. Play Tetris

When storing your items you’ll notice that the storage unit might not hold everything. It’s possible to use every inch of space in the unit by packing smart. While you are filling up your unit, look for ways to stack things together closely and on tall stacks. Think of it as if you are playing a game of Tetris with your stuff.

6. Properly Pack Documents

Some paperwork can be very important and if lost or damaged could cause a great deal of harm to a family or individual. It’s always ideal to have multiple backups of paperwork. A Fire safe or file cabinet can prove to be assets inside of a storage unit. After inserting a pallet in the unit, place the cabinet or safe on top and use it to store all of your important documents. It is advised to also lock the cabinet or safe just in case.

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