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Mar 15, 2014

Unconventional Uses for a Storage Unit

Everybody uses storage units. From celebrities to entrepreneurs, hoarders to college students, people always need a place to store stuff. In the following blog posts we will mention pretty bizarre, random and ingenious uses for your storage unit. We aren’t recommending any of these for our units in St. George, Utah, nevertheless they are pretty unique.

Grandma’s Final Resting Place

For 17 years, round-the-clock payments were made on a storage unit until eventually payments stopped coming. The manager of the storage unit called one of the contact numbers and when the manager informed the person that the contents would be auctioned off the person responded by saying that their mother had informed them on her deathbed that their grandmother was in the storage unit. The manager immediately investigated and sure enough, when the doors were opened they found a long blue casket. Police identified that the women inside had been there since 1995!

Personal Office Space

It can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000 a month to rent out office space. This is where a great storage facility comes in to play. As a business owner all you would need to do is get a storage facility that has electricity. Though this may be a bit more expensive it would still be extremely cost effective.

Clothing Design Center

A few very clever ladies in England launched their own clothing line from a storage unit. These women sell mostly online and in local markets. They are able to put all of their designs and merchandise within the storage unit as well as package all of their orders in the unit as well. It is quite convenient seeing that the storage unit is next door to the post office.

As some of the most reliable storage units in St. George we at Monarch Storage are happy to bring you these tips and assist in your storage needs in any way we can.

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