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Jul 27, 2015

What and when to pack


Packing in general can be a hassle. But packing a room or an entire house can get a little crazy. Monarch Storage knows how difficult these cases can be, which is why we have our Moving Tips series.

Free boxes and basic organizing hacks have been covered in the series, but how do you organize your time? It’s all about thinking what you will need until the very last day.

The best time to start packing is probably 4 weeks before having to move out, this way nothing is left behind and you can be sure that every box is perfectly organized. If you have the time, we highly suggest you stick to the next schedule.

Four weeks out –
This is the time to decide what is absolutely not essential. Think about the things you use the least such as:
Pictures and wall decorations: Sure, you might see them everyday and they make a house feel like home, but you can make it for four weeks without seeing them, right?
Storage closets: This step should be a breeze. Just pack EVERYTHING that’s inside your storage closet, don’t even stop and check what you “might” need, that stuff is there for a reason.
Photos and albums: See pictures and wall decorations – nobody really looks at them on a daily basis.
Books: You’ll be so busy these next weeks, you probably won’t do a lot of reading anyways.
Cookbooks: Any recipe you need is online by now.
Off-season clothes: This one is a no brainer.

Three weeks out –

Table linens and fine china: Just stick to a bare table and everyday stuff.
Vases, decorative pieces and fragile knickknacks: These objects have special packing needs, better get started now.
CD’s/DVD’s and video games: Pack the majority of these. It’s always a good idea to keep just the current favorites out.
Coat closet: Limit yourself to one coat and one set of accessories (scarves, beanies, gloves, etc. if you’re moving during the winter. If not, everything must be packed.
Craft supplies and board games: These things aren’t used on a regular basis. It’s best to get these out of the way by now.

Two weeks out –

Jewelry: Keep the basics out or something that you could wear with almost anything (no statement pieces). Pack the rest.
Toiletries: Only leave out one shampoo, one toothpaste (one of any essential).
Clothes and linen closets: Pack up everything you don’t use on a daily basis, everything that’s not work clothes, school uniform etc. Pack up everything except for one set of sheets and towel per person.
Kitchen: Pack up stuff you won’t be using regularly for the next weeks. Breadmakers, meat roster, etc.
Office supplies: Pack up paper, pens, stapler and all other items. Just leave out a couple of pencils, just in case.

One week out:
You’re only a few days away from moving the rest of your stuff. You’ve had 3 weeks to declutter, however this might be the most time-consuming week. Beware.

Clothes: Pack the last and most essential pieces of your closet in a suitcase, all other items can go in boxes.
Kitchen: Pack EVERYTHING and only use paper plates and plastic utensils for the last days, or order takeout.
Medicines: Keep essentials at hand, all others must be packed.
Electronics and toys: Leave one toy if it is absolutely necessary. Pack all electronics except maybe a laptop.
Miscellaneous: Anything that’s been popping out during the last weeks that doesn’t fit into any of the categories should be packed now.



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