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Sep 15, 2014

What To Expect From Us

All The Perks And Benefits

Choosing a storage unit in St. George, Utah, can be overwhelming and difficult because there are so many options and availabilities! And after all, it’s just a storage company, so they are all the same right? No, wrong! Here at monarch storage we provide unique perks to our customers that you won’t find anywhere else. To prove it to you we have come up with a list of our unique benefits that you will receive when you choose our storage company.

One Free Month

We care about our customers and we want to reward all of you who are loyal to our company! That’s why we offer one free month of storage after you store your items with us for three months. That can save you up to $300 a month on storage costs!


One size doesn’t always fit all, and we understand that. Which is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing a variety of different sizes for all your storage needs. We have units that range in size from 6X8 feet to 24X30 feet. We even offer office spaces along with parking stalls to accommodate all of your needs!

Honesty Is Our Policy

“If you move your things out in the middle of the month, we’ll write you a check for the remainder of your balance” — Owner

We put your customer satisfaction over anything else. Even if that means we lose a few dollars.

Price Matching

We are so confident that we offer the lowest price for the largest space, that we will price match with anyone else in the St. George area. If you can show us a lower price, we will give you a unit at Monarch Storage for that exact same price, no questions asked!


Our units are equipped with 24/7 video surveillance and the property is surrounded by a security fence. Each unit is well lit to deter anyone that shouldn’t be lurking around the storage grounds. Each customer also has the choice between a sturdy roll-up door or regular man-door both of which are impenetrable.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for a storage unit in St. George. For more information about our services visit our homepage here.

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