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Feb 10, 2014

What You Should and Shouldn’t Put in a Storage Unit

Maybe you are the kind of person that needs a little extra space. You may need to store those awesome Christmas decorations you scored from shopping the day after Christmas, or you need a place to store your boating equipment for your epic Lake Powell trip next summer. Whatever the case, make sure that you are placing the right things in your storage unit.

What NOT to put in your storage unit:

1. Any living thing should not be placed in the storage unit. One should never place their animals or themselves for that matter, in the unit. You may be surprised how often this happens, don’t be the one to do it.

2. Anything flammable. Things considered flammable may include batteries, liquid bleaches or acids, paints, matches, etc. We don’t want any of your valuable things to catch fire or burn down other units as well.

3. No food. This one seems pretty harmless, but food spoils over time and could attract pests to the units or facilities. These pests could cause significant harm and damage to your items.

4. Don’t place any personal documents in storage units. While most storage units are secure with great security systems, there is always a chance of theft.

5. No firearms in a storage unit. Laws will vary as to whether or not you can store guns in your unit. If you do store firearms in the unit make sure it’s separate from your ammunition and preferably stored in a locked case.

What you CAN put in your storage unit:

1. Furniture. This is a great thing to store in your unit. Make sure that all your storage units are properly wrapped and protected against breakage.

2. Any type of dishes or silverware. Once again make sure they are wrapped and stored properly.

3. Appliances. Anything such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, etc.

4. Non-valuable collectibles. This can really be anything that you are not to afraid of getting damaged.

Hopefully these tips have helped you prepare to store things in your unit. Visit Monarch Storage Units, the most reliable storage units in St. George, Utah.

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