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Nov 01, 2018

When to Get Rid of Items

Everyone talks about spring cleaning, but it doesn’t have to be the nicest time of year to clean out your house and storage unit. When you clean and organize your items, it can leave you with a sense of relief and it can help you save time, money and energy. Getting rid of items can be difficult because you never know when you might need them again. Here are some simple rules that can help you determine if an object is worth hanging on to or donating.

The Obvious
There are some items that are obviously ready to be thrown out. Clothes with holes in them, broken objects that you swear you are going to fix, items that don’t even belong to you. You may think that it is hard to determine which of your possessions falls under this category, but once you start cleaning out your house and your storage unit, you will be surprised with what you can get rid of right off the bat without feeling guilty. Here is a simple list of household items that you can get rid without feeling too bad about it.

It might be simplest to organize objects based on usage. If you have used an object within the last month, keep it at your house. If you have used an object within the last year, put it in storage, and if you haven’t used it at all in over a year, it is time to get rid of it. A storage unit can be the perfect solution if you are wanting to declutter your house and still keep important items. Maybe its winter and you don’t want your barbeque to be out in the cold, or all your summer clothes need a place to be stored and you don’t want them shoved in a closet taking up space.

Letting Go
There can be a momentary feeling of panic when you are about to get rid of some objects. Maybe they still have some sentimental value, or you are convinced that you still could use them. Having a plan to get rid of the items will make it easier to say goodbye when the time comes. A lot of items can be donated or recycled, and it can make you feel better knowing that you are giving away items to a good cause. Old clothes can be donated to thrift stores, old books can be given to a little free library, and old appliances can be sold. While one object might not have a use for you, there are poor college students that would be elated to take your old waffle maker off your hands.

Cleaning and organizing your home can be a daunting task. Things seem to pile up over time until you don’t know where to start. Just organizing one drawer at a time can make your life easier than it was before. Knowing when to get rid of items is an important step to keeping a balanced, clutter-free homelife. Investing in a storage locker can open up space in your home and allow you to keep important items. Recycling objects is a great way to help others and help the environment as well. Keep these tips in mind next time spring cleaning rolls around to make it an easier, smoother experience.

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