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Oct 13, 2016

Winter Self-Storage

Many places across the country experience harsh winters. While St. George is not one of those, it’s still important to properly store the items in your self-storage unit during the cold months. You can avoid damage with a climate-controlled storage unit and safely store items that aren’t being used during the winter.

Uses for Self-Storage Units in Wintertime

Keeping these unused items in a self-storage unit is great way to eliminate clutter in the wintertime. Here are some items people typically store as the weather gets colder:

  • Summer clothing
  • Lawn equipment
  • Recreational gear
  • Small engine vehicles

Items That Can Be Damaged by Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures can create condensation inside electronics and warp furniture. Anything that has liquid in it can crack due to freezing expansion, especially battery cells in cars, mowers and other small engines. Items that should be safely stored to withstand the winter cold include:

  • Electronics
  • Battery-operated items
  • Items that include liquid

How Climate-Controlled Units Prevent Damage in Winter

Climate-controlled units are designed to keep the temperatures between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so they are perfect for preventing temperature-related damage. Through insulation and central heating, your items will be protected through any climate conditions.

For other storage questions and suggestions, come to Monarch Storage in Utah! We want to help make self-storage a positive experience for you.

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